At RestlessDev we pride ourselves on transparency and openness. While total project costs will vary depending on features needed, timeframes and many other variables, we think that providing open rate information helps customers (and potential customers) evaluate their budgets more accurately.


If you need some extra hands to get your project out the door or a trusted advisor to help guide you through a tech choice, we would be glad to help.

  • Daily (offsite): $800
  • Daily (onsite): $1000
  • Hourly: $135/hr


If you need to build a new application from the ground up, or just add some new features to your existing site, we can probably help you out for a surpisingly affordable price.

Just drop us a line and we can get started!

Web Site Support

If you have an existing website and are looking for a new partner to help maintain it, we provide affordable monthly support agreements. Rates will depend on your coverage needs and technology stack, and start at $500/month.