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Welcome to the New RestlessDev Blog! (Part 1)

Hi everyone!

This is the new blog for my company, RestlessDev. In it you’ll find random musings about business and technology, Silicon Valley culture and the life inside a small software company,

To start off I’ve imported a few older articles from my previous blog (which has since been taken offline) about a project I did called CodaServer. Obviously it hasn’t quite taken off as I originally envisioned, but I still think it’s interesting from a technology perspective.

In rereading these old articles I’m impressed by two things:

  1. How little development has changed since then, and how a lot of the things CodaServer was meant to address are still problems.
  2. How little these problems seem to matter. I may have misjudged others’ frustration levels just a little bit.

It was still a fun project to do as it taught me a lot. It was the first time I got to design a language and an interpretter for that language, and I had to put together a server platform for it as well. It even had a little client application not unlike the MySQL client!

Anyway, it’s good to be back.